Goddess Hand Lotion Lavender Hemp


Organic hand lotion made with Hemp Seed Oil infused with Lavender Flowers.



Have the hands of a GODDESS with our silky Lavender Hemp Hand Lotion! Did you know that Lavender Flowers are a natural skin rejuvenator, skin healer and a natural disinfectant?  So while you are smoothing lotion over your hands you are also rejuvenating your skin, healing sores and dryness And also protecting yourself and loved ones from unhealthy germs. Our Goddess hand lotion is super concentrated so it lasts a long time!  All you need is a little to behold the hands of a Goddess!

***Please note that texture may change slightly with temperature variations because our products are pure and made with only natural ingredients. For consistency and a longer shelf life, store your Goddess Hand Lotion away from direct sunlight and overly warm places . ***


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8 oz.


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